The 6 best pike lures according to 75 anglers.

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We compiled 225 comments from 75 anglers on the two most popular Facebook posts about the question: Best lures for pike

Our compilation takes into account the type of lure as well as the color preferred by Quebec anglers. pike fishing.

One of the publications can be found on the Fishing maniacs and contained 85 comments for the question "Best pike lure in your opinion?"

Publication on the Fishing Maniacs group asking: Best pike lure in your opinion?

The other publication is on the Fishing addicts and contained 140 comments for the question "What's the best lure for pike?"

Publication on the Fishing addicts group asking: What is the best lure for pike?

Best pike lures

For preferred lure types, we've kept the top 6 only. The other lure types are greatly under-represented.

The results go like this:

  1. Spoons – 44.6%
  2. Spinnerbaits – 23.1%
  3. Swimming fish – 18.5%
  4. Frog / Popper – 6.2%
  5. Chatterbait – 4.6%
  6. Soft lure – 3.1%
Types of lures preferred by Quebecers for pike fishing. These are the lures most used and most successful for pike fishing

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#1 - Spoons

Spoons have been named the preferred lure by the majority of anglers. Their undulating movement in the water and reflectivity make them an ideal choice for attracting pike.

Spoon, the #1 choice of Quebec pike anglers

#2 - Spinnerbaits

Renowned for their ability to attract fish's attention thanks to their rotating movement, spinnerbaits come in second place. They are often used in turbid waters, where their action is particularly effective.

Spinnerbait, 2nd best lure for pike according to Quebec anglers.

#3 - Swimming Fish

Perfectly imitating the swim of a fish, this lure stands out for its ability to seduce pike in different types of water.

Swimming fish, 3rd most popular lure for pike fishing in Quebec.

#4 - Frog / Popper

These lures are designed to simulate prey on the water surface, such as frogs or small mammals. They are particularly effective in areas overgrown with vegetation.

4th most popular lures for pike fishing in Quebec. Frogs and poppers.

#5 - Chatterbait

Chatterbaits, with their unique vibrating action, can provoke aggressive attacks from pike, especially when used with specific techniques.

The chatterbait, 5th in Quebecers' choice of lures for pike fishing. Also very good for bass fishing.

Here's a video giving you practical advice on chatterbaits. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll find tips and tricks for mastering this lure.

#6 - Soft lure

Although the least popular lure in this study, the soft lure is appreciated for its versatility and ability to imitate a variety of prey.

It should be noted that soft lures are still well ahead of many other lures for pike fishing.

The 6th most popular lure among Quebec anglers, softbaits.

Best pike lure colors

For the colors, we've kept the 7 lure colors most mentioned in the 225 Facebook comments.

The starting question being "The best lures for pike", the sample is smaller in terms of lure colors.

But the results still make sense, so here they are!

  1. Red – 32.1%
  2. Blanche – 17%
  3. Chartreuse – 13.2%
  4. Orange – 11.3%
  5. Silver – 11.3%
  6. Yellow – 7.5%
  7. Copper – 7.5%
Quebecers' favorite lure colors for pike fishing. These colors are the most used and most successful for pike fishing.

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The Red and White Spoon, the perfect pike lure?

With the spoon in first place among pike lures, and red and white as the first choice in colors.

We can imagine that the Daredevle spoon (see below) or a similar spoon would be a top pike lure.

Spoon, the #1 choice of Quebec pike anglers

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of red and white spoons.

Advantages of Daredevle pike spoons

The Dardevle red-and-white spoon offers many advantages for fishing:

  • Simplicity and efficiency: With its erratic action, it perfectly imitates a wounded fish, attracting predatory fish.
  • Durability: It resists wear and tear even when faced with large pike, making it a long-lasting choice.
  • Versatility: It can be used in a variety of fishing conditions, varying depth and retrieve intensity.
  • Species Conservation: It is less harmful to fish, promoting responsible fishing.
  • Affordable price: Compared with other lures, it offers excellent value for money.

Disadvantages of Daredevle spoons for pike

However, this spoon is not without its drawbacks:

  • Doubts about Efficiency: Its simplicity may seem less appealing and cast doubt on its effectiveness with some anglers.
  • Limited use: It's not ideal for all conditions.
  • Low-quality imitations: The market may offer less effective imitation versions, causing confusion when purchasing.
  • Size and weight: Large spoons can be difficult to cast far and their large surface area can cause them to move on the surface rather than to the desired depth, which can limit their use.


Selecting lures for the pike fishing will depend on a variety of factors, including fishing conditions, personal preferences and individual experience.

But the red and white spoon, such as the Daredevle, is emerging as the ideal choice for many anglers, thanks to its simplicity, efficiency, durability and versatility.

Followed by the spinnerbait. The color of your spinnerbait should be adapted to the transparency of the water (darker in light water and lighter in dark water).

We hope this compilation of angler preferences will help you choose the best lures for your fishing style and maximize your success on pike fishing trips.


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