Ice fishing at Lac Saint-Pierre

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In the heart of Quebec, Lac Saint-Pierre is a true jewel for ice fishing enthusiasts. In winter, this magnificent body of water is transformed into an ice-fishing paradise, a traditional activity that attracts visitors from far and wide.

With its splendid scenery and diverse fauna, Lac Saint-Pierre offers an unforgettable experience. ice fishing an unforgettable experience.

Lac Saint-Pierre is often referred to as the "Bayou of the North" because of its archipelago of islands and marshes. Its varied zones are home to a variety of fish species, including pike, walleye and bass.

Outfitters in this region offer complete ice-fishing services, including fishing shack rentals, brimball rentals, as well as holes and bait to facilitate your experience.

As you glide across the ice on this majestic lake, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of Arctic landscapes and sunsets.

As for you fishing enthusiasts, don't wait any longer to discover Lac Saint-Pierre and embark on a memorable ice fishing adventure in Quebec.

Why ice fishing at Lac Saint-Pierre

Ice fishing at Lac Saint-Pierre offers you a unique fishing experience, whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler.

When you go ice fishing, you discover the treasures of the Lac Saint-Pierre archipelago. The islands and marshes offer enchanting panoramas, making this a memorable activity. Don't forget your camera to immortalize these precious moments with the flora and fauna that surround you.

Lac Saint-Pierre is renowned for its wealth of fish. You will have the opportunity to fish for different species, such as Pike, gold and bass.

Grab your brimbals and minnows and head for a cozy cabin to embark on this adventure. You can even take your car out on the ice!

Brimbal for ice fishing on Lac Saint-Pierre

Last but not least, Lac Saint-Pierre is only an hour from Montreal and an hour and a half from Quebec City, making this activity very accessible for city dwellers in search of nature and a change of scenery.

When you choose to experience ice fishing at Lac Saint-Pierre, you're treating yourself to an unforgettable moment, where nature, scenery and fishing combine to provide you with an activity rich in emotion and discovery.

The Pêche Blanche experience

By renting a fishing hutYou're sure to have a warm and friendly time. Cabins are generally well-equipped and comfortable, offering shelter from the cold while you enjoy the fishing.

Don't hesitate to ask us about our cabin rentals available around the lake (see below for some suggestions).

Visit ice fishing at Lac Saint-Pierre is an ideal activity for families, groups of friends or even corporate events.

It's the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories and share relaxing moments with your loved ones.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your ice fishing experience:

  • Bring warm, weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable, waterproof footwear.
  • Don't forget to bring fishing tackle suitable for ice fishing, as well as bait (such as minnows).
  • Use caution when moving around on the ice, and follow the directions provided by the hut rental operators.

Les Poissons du Lac Saint-Pierre

Fish species for ice fishing at Lac St-Pierre

At Lac Saint-Pierre, you can encounter a wide variety of fish. That's right, 79 different species have been recorded! That's 68 % of all the species found in Quebec's freshwater. Among these species, some are more sought-after by ice anglers, such as walleye, pike, yellow perch and whitefish. maskinongé.

Visit gold is a fish much appreciated by anglers for its tasty flesh and generous size. It can be found in Lake Saint-Pierre, generally in shallow areas rich in aquatic vegetation. It is a voracious predator, feeding mainly on small prey such as crayfish, insects and small fish.

Visit pike is another popular ice-fishing species in Lac Saint-Pierre. This carnivorous fish, recognizable by its elongated head and sharp teeth, is considered a real challenge for anglers due to its strength and combativeness. Pike can be found in all the waters of the lake, and are particularly fond of shallow areas with dense aquatic vegetation.

Take advantage of Lac Saint-Pierre's wealth of fish life during your ice fishing sessions and try your hand at catching these emblematic local fish.

Regulations and Recommendations

Ice fishing at lac st-pierre

Before you start ice fishing in Lac Saint-Pierre, it's essential to know the regulations and recommendations. Be sure to obtain the necessary permits to fish in this area, including a provincial fishing permit and a fishing authorization from the AFC du lac Saint-Pierre.

When you go to the lake, take care of the environment. Don't litter and respect the rules established to protect the ecosystem. It's important to take care of the river and its environment to preserve water quality and the health of fish species.

As far as driving your car is concerned, we recommend driving slowly and cautiously on ice. Changes in temperature can affect the strength of the ice and make driving dangerous. Find out about ice conditions before venturing out, and avoid driving too close to other anglers.

Be aware that, for certain species such as yellow perch, a moratorium on sport and commercial fishing in effect on Lac Saint-Pierre. It is therefore essential to familiarize yourself with the species authorized for fishing and to respect the limits and periods allowed for each species.

Finally, make sure you comply with the rules established by the AFC du lac Saint-Pierre and be aware of authorized fishing zones. Complying with the regulations in force will enable you to enjoy your ice fishing experience to the full, while protecting the environment and the species that live there.

Outfitters and Services

When you go ice fishing on Lac Saint-Pierre, there are several outfitters and services available to make your experience pleasant and memorable.

Outfitters include the Domaine du lac St-Pierre outfitter. This outfitter offers full ice fishing services, including a fishing shack, brimbals, holes, minnows and the possibility of driving your car over the ice. Catch options include pike, walleye and burbot.

Another option is the Roger Gladu OutfitterWe offer guided duck and snow goose hunting, as well as guided walleye and northern pike fishing. You can also take advantage of their ice fishing service on Lac St-Pierre and its archipelago. What's more, cottages are available for rental for those wishing to relax after a day on the ice.

Visit La Pêcheresse fishing center located in Yamachiche is another outfitter offering ice fishing services. In addition to the equipment provided by other outfitters, La Pêcheresse also offers a guiding service to help you find the best fishing spots on the lake.

At these outfitters, you can expect professional, quality service to ensure a successful and enjoyable ice-fishing experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, these outfitters will meet your expectations and offer activities adapted to your level.

The Family Ice Fishing Experience

Located just 45 minutes from Montreal, Lac Saint-Pierre is an ideal spot for a family ice-fishing experience. Winter activities come to life on this lake, offering young and old a unique opportunity to learn about this Quebec tradition.

Ice fishing is a winter activity that offers many advantages for families, not least the opportunity to share convivial moments around a fire and a good hot meal. The fishing experience becomes a pretext for strengthening bonds and creating unforgettable memories.

Every year, many families discover ice fishing at Lac Saint-Pierre and return to repeat the experience. Children love this activity, which allows them to achieve the feat of catching a fish in a different environment from the one they're used to.

Don't hesitate to plan a family outing on Lac Saint-Pierre for your next winter weekend.

The fishing experience will warm your heart and contribute to precious memories for the whole family. Take advantage of this unique winter activity to explore the beauty of Quebec and create unforgettable moments.

Other Winter Activities

Ice fishing on Lake St-Pierre

In addition to ice fishing on Lac Saint-Pierre, there are many other winter activities to enjoy in the region.

These include dog sledding is an exciting experience that lets you connect with nature while enjoying the beauty of snow-covered landscapes.

Visit snowmobile is also a popular activity around Lac Saint-Pierre. You can hike the marked trails and discover magnificent panoramas of this region of Quebec.

Don't forget to check local regulations and borrow the necessary safety equipment.

The area around Lac Saint-Pierre is also ideal for fishing. hunting in winter. It's important to have the right permit and to know the authorized hunting periods.

Visit marshes also offer a unique setting for hiking and snowshoeing. Wind your way through these wetlands and discover the local flora and fauna of this unique region of Quebec.


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