Fishing on the Etchemin River

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Located in the Chaudière-Appalaches region, the Etchemin River is a hidden gem for water sports enthusiasts. fishing in Quebec.

With 124 kilometers of river and 5.1 kilometers of trails, it's an ideal spot for anglers of all levels.

In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to plan your next fishing trip on the Etchemin River.

Etchemin River

The river rises in the Appalachian mountains and flows into the St. Lawrence near Lévis.

It offers a wide variety of landscapes and aquatic environments.

It is divided into two distinct sections: upstream and downstream.

The upstream section, north of the Sainte-Claire bridge, is characterized by falls and rapids that create habitats for a wide variety of fish.

Map showing the upstream and downstream reaches of the Etchemin River.

Over the years, the Etchemin River has been significantly altered by human activity.

However, restoration efforts have been undertaken to improve water quality and the health of aquatic ecosystems.

These efforts have restored habitats for native fish species and improved water quality.

Fish species in the Etchemin River

The Etchemin River is known to be home to several fish speciesThese include speckled trout, yellow perch and brook trout, landlocked salmon and thesmallmouth bass.

Rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon are also present in the river.

However, fishing for the latter is regulated and requires a special permit.

Fishing Techniques

The most common fishing techniques on the Etchemin River are fly-fishing, spoon-fishing and live-fishing.

Fly fishing is particularly effective for speckled and rainbow trout, while the spoon fishing is best suited to bass and yellow perch.

For live bait fishing, the most popular baits are earthworms.

The Village and Surroundings

If you're looking for a peaceful place to fish, the village of Sainte-Claire and the surrounding area offer plenty of options.

Etchemin River near Saint-Claire

Located in the Bellechasse region, near Lévis and Pintendre, the village is surrounded by mountains and lakes, offering breathtaking scenery.

Mount Moose

Mont Orignal is a mountain located near the village of Sainte-Claire.

Known for its ski slopes in winter, it also offers summer activities such as hiking and fishing.

Mont Orignal bordering the Etchemin river

If you're a keen fisherman, you can enjoy the Etchemin River, which flows at the foot of the mountain.

Lake Etchemin

Lake Etchemin is another popular fishing spot in the region.

It is about a 30-minute drive from the village of Sainte-Claire.

Lake Etchemin in summer.

The lake is renowned for its speckled trout and bass.

There are several public access points to the lake, making it easily accessible for anglers.

Unforgettable fishing moments await you!

For all nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts, the Etchemin River and surrounding area are undoubtedly a jewel to discover.

From the fish-filled waters and picturesque landscapes of Sainte-Claire to adventures at Mont Orignal or Lac Etchemin, this region promises unforgettable moments.

So get your fishing rod ready and let yourself be charmed by the wild beauty of these places.


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