Guide to fishing regulations in Quebec

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Fishing is an exciting and popular activity in Quebec, but to preserve aquatic resources and practice this activity responsibly, it's essential to respect regulations.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to understand and follow Quebec's fishing rules.

Fishing areas

The Québec territory is divided into 29 fishing zoneseach taking into account the distribution of species. Regulations may vary according to fishing zone, body of water and target species.

So it's important to know the area you're fishing in, so you can respect the specific rules that apply there.

To find out your fishing zone, consult the map below:

Map of fishing areas in Quebec

Fishing permit

To fish legally in Quebec, you need a valid fishing license.

However, certain exceptions may apply.

There are different types of license depending on the type of fishing you do, whether recreational, sport or commercial.

Make sure you obtain the appropriate license before you start fishing.

Sport fishing licences are available from your hunting and fishing file or in one of the sales outlets near you.

Rules, quotas, periods and limits

Fishing regulations include catch quotas, fishing periods and possession and length limits for each species.

These rules vary according to the species of fish you want to catch and the area you're in.

It is important to consult the regulations in force to find out about authorized quotas, fishing periods and specific limits to be respected.

General rules by zone

To consult the regulations for your area, go to Quebec government website and select your zone number.

Select a fishing area on the Quebec government website

You'll then have a complete list of regulations for your area.

Sample regulations for Zone 8. Fishing in Quebec.

Quotas, dates and length by zone

To find out about quotas, opening and closing dates as well as minimum and maximum permitted sizes, you will need to use the Quebec government research.

Simply select your Fishing Zone and start the search.

You will then be redirected to a list of species and their daily limits.

Example of a search for fish quota on the Government of Quebec website. Quebec fishing regulations.

For permitted lengthsSimply follow the links provided in the table. You'll be redirected to the length regulations for your zone.

Example of regulations for permissible fish length.
Example regulation of permitted lengths by type of fish Ex Zone 8.

Fishing equipment and techniques

The use of equipment that complies with regulations is essential to respect fishing rules.

The lures, hooks and baits used must comply with established standards.

Certain fishing methods and equipment may be prohibited or regulated, so it's important to find out about the rules specific to your type of fishing.

You can consult the regulations on techniques and equipment on the Quebec government website.

Special areas and territories

In addition to fishing areas, there are special territories such as outfitters, wildlife reserves and wildlife refuges that may have specific rules.

If you plan to fish in these areas, it is important to consult the rules and regulations to ensure you fish legally.


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