7 essential lures for striped bass fishing.

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Striped bass fishing is a very popular sport among fishing enthusiasts.

To increase your chances of success and make the experience even more enjoyable, it's essential to choose the best lures for striped bass fishing.

In this article, we'll explore some of the most effective lures for striped bass.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, these lures will help you improve your catches and maximize your results on your fishing trips.

Understanding the Striped Bass

Visit striped bass is a freshwater and saltwater fish found along the Atlantic coast of North America. This fish is highly prized by fishermen for its combativeness and size, which can exceed 1 meter and weigh over 20 pounds.

To better target striped bass, it is essential to know their behavior and habitat.

This fish is often found in estuaries, areas of aquatic vegetation and shallow waters near beaches.

They tend to feed on small fish and crustaceans, which is why choosing the right lure is so important to increase your chances of catching them.

Before choosing a lureIt's crucial to understand the food preferences of striped bass.

Their diet varies according to their habitat and the season.

At certain times of the year, striped bass may feed on smaller fish, such as shad, gizzard shad, etc. launch and herring, while at other times they may attack larger prey, such as crabs and shrimps.

When fishing for striped bass, it's important to adjust your equipment to suit the fishing conditions.

A 7- to 9-foot rod with a medium-heavy to heavy action is recommended.

The Best Lures for Striped Bass

When you go striped bass fishing, your choice of lures is crucial to increase your chances of success.

After studying several sources of information, we have compiled a detailed guide to the best lures for striped bass. Each lure is detailed below with its advantages and disadvantages to help you make the best choice.

Some lures stand out from the rest for their effectiveness in attracting striped bass. Here are some of the best lures to use for this species.

1. Bucktail (furry jig)

The bucktail is a versatile lure, mentioned in all our sources as a must-have for striped bass.

Description :

  • Preferred brand : S&S John Skinner Striped Bass Fixed Hook Bucktail
  • Weight : Varies from ½ to 5 ounces.
  • Features : Smiling, hand-tied head with Mustad 34184DT hook. Hackle feathers and a full skirt provide a realistic profile.
S&S John Skinner Striped Bass Fixed Hook Bucktail Lure

Pros :

  • Can be presented correctly in all conditions and environments.
  • Extremely productive.
  • Solid design for good grip.

Cons :

  • Poor throwing distance.

2. Daiwa Floating Salt Pro Minnow Plug

An ideal lure for night fishing in calm waters.

Description :

  • Length : Varies from 5 1/8 to 6 ¾ inches.
  • Weight : From ⅞ to 1 7/8-ounce.
  • Features : Dive to 3 feet, saltwater hooks, internal weight transfer system and wide selection of colors.
Daiwa Floating Salt Pro Minnow Plug striped bass lure

Pros :

  • Excellent prey imitation.
  • Works day and night.

Cons :

  • Relatively poor throwing distance.

3. Savage Gear Panic Pencil Popper

The best lure for daytime surf fishing.

Description :

  • Length : Between 5 ¾ and 6 ½ inches.
  • Weight : Between 1 ¾ and 2 ¾ ounces.
  • Features : Through-wire construction, two 4X treble hooks and a wide range of colors.
Savage Gear Panic Pencil Popper striped bass lure

Pros :

  • Long throwing distance.
  • Effectively attracts fish, even in calm, clear water.

Cons :

  • Mainly a daytime lure.

4. Super Strike Little Neck Swimmer

Recommended for fishing in rough seas.

Description :

  • Length : 6 inches.
  • Weight : 2 3/8-ounce.
  • Features : Two 3/0 treble hooks.
Super Strike Little Neck Swimmer striped bass lure

Pros :

  • Good casting distance into the wind.
  • Can handle rough seas.

Cons :

  • Just good for the day.

5. Tsunami Diamond Jig

A must for surf fishing.

Description :

  • Weight : Varies from ½ to 16 ounces.
  • Colors : Chrome, Gold, Luminous.
  • Features : Erratic fall.
Tsunami Diamond Jig striped bass lure

Pros :

  • Unsurpassed throwing distance.
  • Perfect imitation of sand eels.
  • Can handle the roughest waters.

Cons :

  • There are generally better choices for surf anglers if casting distance is not an issue.

6. Tsunami Swim Shad

A soft plastic lure perfect for striped bass.

Description :

  • Length : From 3 to 9 inches.
  • Weight : From 3/8 to 6 1/4 ounces.
  • Features : Pre-rigged with paddle tail.

Pros :

  • Very realistic appearance and swimming action.
  • Versatility.

Cons :

  • Toothed fish, such as blue mackerel, can destroy it.

7. Hogy Perfect Tube

Recommended for trolling.

Description :

  • Length : From 16 to 24 inches.
  • Colors : Black, wine and bubblegum.
  • Features : Mustad Hoodlum Stinger hook.
Hogy Perfect Tube striped bass lure

Pros :

  • Phenomenal productivity.
  • Can be towed in water as shallow as 5 feet.

Cons :

  • Can be bitten by parasitic fish such as pout.

In short, it's important to have a variety of lures and master different techniques to increase your chances of success during your striped bass fishing sessions.

Frequently asked questions

What type of lure is ideal for striped bass fishing?

Choosing the ideal lure for striped bass fishing depends on several factors, such as the environment and fishing conditions.

A very effective lure is the John Skinner Striped Bass Fixed Hook Bucktail, which has an excellent reputation for catching bass.

Is it better to use soft or hard lures to catch striped bass?

Both soft and hard lures can be effective in catching striped bass.

Soft eel and small fish imitations are commonly used for striped bass fishing.

Hard lures, such as swimfish and spoons, can also be very effective. The choice will depend on your personal preferences and the fishing conditions encountered.


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