Where to fish for bass in Quebec?

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The quest for bass has seduced many anglers across Quebec.

With its lush countryside and abundant bodies of water, the province offers bass a rich and diverse ecosystem.

If the question "Where to fish for bass in Quebec?" is on your mind, you've come to the right place. We've carefully compiled a list of the best waters for an unforgettable fishing experience.

173 Bass fishing lakes in Quebec

Based on rigorously compiled data, here is an exhaustive list of the preferred bass fishing sites in Quebec:

You can also consult our interactive map of fishing spots in Quebec for a visual version.

St. Lawrence River (Boucherville)St. Lawrence River (Cap-Santé)St. Lawrence River (Champlain)St. Lawrence River (Gentilly)
St. Lawrence River (Lavaltrie)St. Lawrence River (Lévis)St. Lawrence River (Portneuf)St. Lawrence River (Repentigny)
St. Lawrence River (Saint-Nicolas)St. Lawrence River (Sorel)St. Lawrence River (Contrecoeur Islands)Lac Aylmer (Centre)
Lake Champlain (Missisquoi Bay)Lake Massawippi (North)Lake Memphremagog (Fitch Bay)Lac Saint-François (Pointe au Foin)
Lac Saint-François (Near Salaberry-de-Valleyfield)Lac Saint-François (Île Lalonde)Lac Saint-François (Île au Mouton)Lac Saint-François (Grenadier Island)
Lake Saint-Louis (Châteauguay)Lac Saint-Louis (Maple Grove)Lake Saint-Louis (Pointe-Claire)Lac Saint-Louis (Dowker Island)
Lac Saint-Louis (Île à Thomas)Lac Saint-Pierre (Lac Saint-Pierre archipelago)Lac Saint-Pierre (Maskinongé Bay)Lac Saint-Pierre (Centre du lac)
Lac Saint-Pierre (Nicolet)Lac Saint-Pierre (Pointe Lussaudière)Lac Saint-Pierre (Pointe-du-Lac)Lac Saint-Pierre (Îles de la Girodeau)
Lake Témiscamingue (Île du Collège)Lac Waterloo (Waterloo Lake)Lake of Two Mountains (Pointe Cadieux)Lake of Two Mountains (Pointe aux Anglais)
Lac des Deux Montagnes (Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac)Rivière Batiscan (Saint-Narcisse)Rivière Beaurivage (Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon)Rivière Blanche (Blanche Mills)
Bécancour River (Daveluyville)Rivière Chaudière (Madison)Rivière Chaudière (Mégantic)Rivière Chaudière (Saint-Georges)
Rivière Chaudière (Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce)Rivière Chaudière (Saint-Lambert)Rivière Chaudière (Sainte-Marie)Rivière Chaudière (Scott)
Rivière Chaudière (Vallée-Jonction)Châteauguay River (Châteauguay)Châteauguay River (Dewittville)Châteauguay River (Huntingdon)
Châteauguay River (Ormstown)Châteauguay River (Sainte-Martine)Gatineau River (Chelsea)Rivière L'Acadie (Mouth)
Rivière L'Acadie (L'Acadie)Rivière L'Assomption (Joliette)Rivière L'Assomption (L'Assomption)Rivière L'Assomption (Vaucluse)
Magog River (Deauville)Magog River (Magog)Magog River (Rock Forest)Matawin River (Mattawin)
Rivière Nicolet (Saint-Léonard-d'Aston)Rivière Nicolet Sud-Ouest (Danville)Rivière Noire (Saint-Pie)Ouareau River (Rawdon)
Richelieu River (Chambly basin)Richelieu River (Beloeil)Richelieu River (Noyan)Richelieu River (Saint-Jean)
Richelieu River (Saint-Ours)Rivière Richelieu (Saint-Roch)Rivière Rouge (Rivington)Rivière Saint-François (Drummondville)
Rivière Saint-François (East Angus)Rivière Saint-François (Lennoxville)Rivière Saint-François (Notre-Dame-de-Pierreville)Rivière Saint-François (Richmond)
Rivière Saint-François (Sherbrooke)Rivière Saint-François (Windsor)Rivière Saint-Maurice (Grand-Mère)Rivière Saint-Maurice (Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac)
Rivière Saint-Maurice (Shawinigan)Rivière Sainte-Anne (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade)Yamaska River (Adamsville)Rivière Yamaska (Saint-Hyacinthe)
Yamaska River (Yamaska)Rivière Yamaska Nord (Granby)Achigan River (Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan)Rivière de la Petite Nation (North Nation Mills)
Rivière des Anglais (Howick)Rivière des Mille Îles (Terrebonne)Ottawa River (Aylmer)Ottawa River (Gatineau)
Ottawa River (Hawkesbury)Ottawa River (Lac des Chats)Ottawa River (Masson)Ottawa River (Pembroke)
Ottawa River (Portage-du-Fort)Ottawa River (Quyon)Ottawa River (Rapides Deschênes)Ottawa River (Thurso)
Rivière des Prairies (Île Bourdon)Rivière du Lièvre (Buckingham)Rivière du Loup (Aval rue Notre-Dame sud)Rivière du Nord (Lachute)
Rivière du Nord (Prévost)Rivière du Nord (Saint-Jérôme)Rivière du Sud (Montmagny)Choinière reservoir (Choinière reservoir)
) St. Lawrence River (Île d'Orléans (bridge)9th LakeLake ArchambaultLac Barrière
Boissonneault LakeBowker LakeLake BreechesBrome Lake
Brompton LakeLac BrûléLake ChapleauLac Chaud
Lake ChopinLac CloutierLake DargieLake Devenyns
Lac DroletLake GagamoLac GuénardLake Jerome
Lake LouiseLovering LakeLake LyttonLake Magog
Lake ManitouMarsan LakeLake MaskinongéLake McGregor
Lake MemphremagogLac MeganticBlack LakeLac Ouareau
Lake PatrickLac PelletierPetawaga LakeLake Piscatosine
Pope LakeLac PreissacLac RhéaultLac Rouge
Lake Saint-JosephLac Saint-PaulLake Sainte-MarieSchyan Lake
Lake SimonLake StukelyLake ThorLake Tiberias
Wallace LakeAchigan LakeEast LakeLac des Piles
Lac des ÎlesLac du Poisson BlancMuskrat LakeLac à la Barbue
Magog RiverOuareau RiverTaureau reservoirAux Sables reservoir
Escalier reservoir
Map of bass fishing areas in Quebec
Map of water bodies for bass fishing

Maximize your catch: essential tips for bass fishing:

Although our blog has several in-depth articles on the bass fishingit's always a good idea to remember a few key tips:

  1. Optimize your timing: The first glimmers of morning and the last rays of evening are the times when bass are most active. Target these niches to maximize your chances.
  2. Choose the right lure: Visit soft luresThe use of baits such as plastic worms or frogs is irresistible for bass.
  3. Find the right spots: Bass prefer shaded areas and refuges such as rock piles, submerged tree trunks or grass beds. Cast your line close to these structures to increase your chances of capture.

In conclusion:

The question isn't "Where do you fish for bass in Quebec?", but rather "When are you going to start?".

With so many exceptional spots to discover, every fishing trip can become an adventure in itself.

Grab your rod, your favorite lure and dive into Quebec's rich aquatic world.

Happy fishing, and may the best times be waiting for you at the end of the line!


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