Soft plastic lures: Complete Guide

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Soft plastic lures have become a must-have for many sport fishing enthusiasts.

Among all the choice of luresSoft plastic lures are distinguished by their realistic texture and wide variety of shapes and colors.

Frequently used in sport fishing techniques, soft plastic lures imitate natural fish prey.

Several soft plastic lures. Worms, tubes and frogs.

Whether baitfish, crayfish, worms or other species, the aim is to deceive the predatory instincts of the target fish. These lures are often used in both fresh and salt water to catch species such as trout, Pike, gold or bass.

One of the most interesting aspects of soft plastic lures is their adaptability. They can be mounted on different hooks, jigs, spinnerbaits or lead heads, allowing you to adjust your equipment to suit the conditions and behaviour of the fish.

Types of Soft Plastic Lures

Soft Plastic Worms

Soft plastic worms are imitations of real worms and are popular with anglers.

They are flexible and can be used in a variety of fishing techniques.

Soft plastic worms for walleye and bass fishing.

You can choose them in different lengths to better mimic the fish's favorite prey.

Soft Plastic Crayfish

Soft plastic crayfish are designed to look like real crayfish, a favorite prey of many fish.

Soft plastic crayfish for bass fishing.

They are available in different sizes and colors to suit different fishing situations.

Use them to target fish such as bass, pike and walleye.

Flexible Plastic Tubes

Flexible plastic tubes are versatile lures that can be used to imitate a variety of prey, such as insects and crayfish.

Pale green soft plastic tube for pike and bass fishing.
Soft dark green plastic tube for walleye and bass fishing.

They are often filled with salt and other attractants to further attract fish.

Soft Plastic Swimbait

The soft plastic swimbait is designed to imitate a swimming baitfish.

It usually has a flexible tail that moves in the water to create realistic action.

Soft plastic swimbait.

You can choose swimbaits of different lengths and colors to match the type of fish you want to catch.

Soft Plastic Salamander

The soft plastic salamander is a unique lure that resembles an aquatic salamander.

Soft plastic salamander for walleye and bass fishing.

Some fish, such as bass, are attracted to these creatures, and this lure can be very effective in certain fishing situations.

Soft Plastic Frog

Soft plastic frog lures are specially designed to imitate frogs and are often used to catch fish near the surface of the water.

Lunker Hunt frog in soft, dark plastic.
Lunker Hunt soft plastic frog in pale green.

They are ideal for fishing in heavily vegetated areas where other lures might get stuck.

Soft Plastic Jerkbaits

Soft plastic jerkbaits are lures that imitate the irregular movements of wounded fish.

They are generally thin and elongated, resembling small fish.

Flexible plastic jerkbait.

You can animate them with short strokes of the rod to create erratic action and attract predatory fish.

Popular Brands of Soft Plastic Lures

In the fishing industry, there are several brands and manufacturers offering high-quality soft plastic lures.

Here are a few popular brands renowned for their high-performance lures:

Berkley : This brand is particularly appreciated by anglers for its innovative and effective soft plastic lures. Berkley offers a wide range of lures, including baitfish, crayfish and worm imitations.

Yamamoto : This Japanese manufacturer is renowned for its high-quality soft lures. Anglers mainly use Yamamoto lures for freshwater fishing, particularly for catching trout and redfish.

Yum Yum : Another popular brand of soft plastic lures, Yum also offers a wide variety of baits, including lures imitating small fish and crayfish. Yum products are prized for their effectiveness and durability.

You can find these brands and other manufacturers of soft plastic lures in specialist fishing stores, as well as on online sites such as SAIL, Walmart Canada and

By choosing soft plastic lures from these renowned brands, you can be sure of getting quality products.

Don't forget to compare the prices and features of each lure to find the one that best suits your fishing technique and your needs. species of fish you wish to catch.

Soft Plastic Decoys for Various Species

Soft Plastic Trout Lures

Soft plastic lures are an effective choice for trout fishing.

Thanks to their soft texture, they convincingly mimic trout's natural prey, such as worms and small fish.

Soft Plastic Bass Lures

Bass, also known as blackbass, are a species that can be caught using soft plastic lures.

Lures imitating prey such as crayfish and small fish are ideal for bass.

For bass fishing, choose lures with bright or mixed colors that stand out in their environment.

Soft Plastic Walleye Lures

Walleye respond well to soft plastic lures.

Imitations of worms, crayfish and small fish are among the popular choices for this species.

Choose lures with natural colors, such as green, brown or black, to mimic walleye's natural prey.

Soft Plastic Pike Lures

Finally, pike is another species that can be successfully caught using soft plastic lures.

Pike are often attracted by lures imitating baitfish, frogs and crayfish.

Lures with bright or contrasting colors can be particularly effective in capturing the attention of pike in turbid or shallow water.

Large pike with a soft lure in the mouth.

Also consider using longer, streamlined lures to attract larger pike.

Frequently asked questions

What type of plastic is used in soft lures?

Soft lures are made from a mixture of plastisol, a chemical derivative of petroleum. This mixture can contain salt, sand, glitter and colorants to imitate different prey attracting carnivorous fish.

What are the most effective soft lures?

There are a wide variety of effective soft lures, and the choice will depend on the situation and the fish targeted. Among the most popular lures are shads, grubs, critters and soft plastic frogs. To choose the best lure for your situation, it's important to take into account the feeding habits of the fish you wish to catch and the environmental conditions.

What techniques should I use to fish well with soft lures?

To fish well with soft lures, it's essential to follow a few key rules:

  1. Choose the right lure according to the natural prey of your target fish and the environment you're fishing in.
  2. Adapt your casting technique and lure animation to create a natural movement that imitates that of the prey.
  3. Use the right equipment to present the lure optimally and detect fish bites.

How to store and maintain your soft lures?

To prolong the life of your soft lures, follow these tips:

  1. Store them in special storage boxes to prevent deformation or mixing with other lures.
  2. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as this may alter their physical properties.
  3. After each fishing trip, clean your lures in fresh water and dry them thoroughly before putting them away.

Which predators do soft lures target?

Soft lures are designed to target a wide range of carnivorous fish, including freshwater fish such as pike, walleye and bass, as well as saltwater fish such as sea bass. Choosing the right soft lure will depend on the type of fish you want to catch and the environment you're fishing in.


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