5 Best Bass Lures for the Bassmaster

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The Bassmaster Classic, also known as the Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic due to its sponsorship, is an exciting tournament in the field of bass fishing.

Organized by Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.), this tournament brings together competitive professional anglers to compete for the biggest and best bass.

Bassmaster logo, bass fishing tournaments.

The event began in 1971 on Lake Mead, Nevada, and has since evolved into a three-day spectacle.

During these three days, anglers use a variety of techniques and baits to attract and catch bass. The Bassmaster Classic offers bass fishing enthusiasts a unique opportunity to discover the best lures and techniques used by professionals to catch bass.

In addition to the competitive and spectacular aspect, the tournament is an incredible opportunity for bass fishing enthusiasts to learn strategies and tricks from the world's best anglers.

Bassmaster Classic draws attention to the bass fishing as a competitive sport and offers amateurs the chance to immerse themselves in the world of professional fishing.

Here's a look at the top lures that have dominated the competition over the years.

Glorious marks when bass fishing

When it comes to scoring Bassmaster Classic victories, here are the top six lure brands that left their mark:

  1. Strike King - 9 wins
  2. Berkley - 6 wins
    Berkley lure company logo
  3. Bagley - 5 wins
    Bagley logo
  4. Cotton Cordell - 5 wins
    Cotton Cordell logo
  5. Mann's - 5 wins
    Mann's lure logo
  6. Zoom - 5 wins
    Zoom lure logo

Bassmaster Classic winning lure types

What type of lure dominated the Bassmaster Classic in terms of wins?

The answer may surprise you!

It's not jerkbait or the famous spinnerbaitbut rather the diving crankbait (as opposed to the lipless crankbait).

Image from: lurenet.com

Diving lures were responsible for 24 Classic victories, easily surpassing the plastic worm, which contributed 18 titles (2nd most Bassmaster-winning lures).

Here are the five bass lures that have won the most Bassmaster awards:

  1. Diving Crankbait - 24 wins
  2. Plastic worm - 18 wins
  3. Spinnerbait - 18 wins
  4. Jig with trailer - 14 wins
  5. Creature" type lure - 6 wins

Top lures at the Bassmaster Classic 2023

Let's move on to the Bassmaster Classic 2023, where the focus was on the lures that shone. Here are the main lures of the tournament:

  1. Z-Man Jerk ShadZ on a Damiki Montage - The winner, Gussy Gustafsonhas dominated, using this lure to imitate small fish and attract the most demanding bass.
    Z-Man Jerk ShadZ star bass lure
  1. Shallow Crankbait - Shallow crankbaits from brands such as Berkley and Nichols have proven their power in changing conditions.
    Shallow crankbait for bass fishing
  1. Rocking Jig - The classic rocking jig approach has retained its relevance, with brands such as Dirty Jigs playing a key role.
    Rocking jig, expert bass fishing lure
  1. Shakehead Worm - The finesse of the shakehead worm was highlighted by Bryan Schmitt, with innovative additions such as the Floatzilla Capsule.
    Floatzilla Capsule bass lure. Featured at the Bassmaster

Classic teachings

The Bassmaster Classic reveals much more than anglers' skills; it highlights winning strategies and essential tools.

The Classic's winning lures illustrate the importance of adaptation and innovation in the world of bass fishing.

Famous brands and iconic lures leave their mark.

The best bass lures for the Bassmaster

#1 - Diving Crankbait (24 wins)

This versatile lure is a major asset for seasoned anglers. Offering a wide range of sizes, colors and movements, crankbaits can attract fish that other lures struggle to attract.

Experienced anglers use different types of crankbaits for every situation.

Diving crankbait, Bassmaster's winning lure. Excellent lure for bass fishing.

The technique involves a careful choice of equipment, such as a medium-powered rod of around 7 feet, combined with a reduced-ratio reel of 5 to 6:1 and 8- to 12-pound mono or fluorocarbon line.

The choice of colors depends on personal preference, water transparency and the type of prey in the stream being fished.

In summer, diving crankbaits are essential for targeting deep-sea fish.

Here's a short video showing a diving crankbait in action:

Diving crankbait in underwater action

#2 - Plastic Worm (Senko) (18 wins)

Senko plastic worms are effective lures for bass fishing.

Senko lure (type of plastic worm). Lure used during the bassmaster tournament.

Use a 3/0 hook; avoid hooks that are too large to preserve the bait's action. Use lighter hooks for better tail action.

A snell knot ensures a better hold. Here's a video on how to tie a snell knot:

Opt for a 5" Senko in most situations, switch to 4" in clear water. Popular colors are pumpkin green and pumpkin green with watermelon.

Use a lift-and-sink technique with a light 7-foot rod and 2500 reel.

Use 10-15 lb braid with 10-14 lb fluorocarbon leader in turbid water, 6-10 lb in clear water.

#3 - Spinnerbait (18 wins)

The spinnerbait is a classic bass fishing lure.

It consists of a wire frame with blades that rotate, creating flashes of light and vibrations in the water. This attracts fish and encourages them to bite.

The spinnerbait is versatile: you can fish it close to the surface to imitate small fish or let it sink to the bottom.

One of the best lures for bass. The spinnerbait.

In turbid water, it works particularly well due to its vibrations. In clear water, faster recovery is effective.

Use a baitcasting rod and reel for best results. Different blades and types of spinnerbaits adapt to conditions.

#4 - Trailer Jig (14 wins)

Trailer jig fishing is a dynamic fishing technique that involves making your bait attractive by imitating the movements of wounded prey.

It is particularly effective for catching bass, especially in congested areas.

You need a strong line and a heavy-action rod to tackle obstacles.

A variety of jig lureseach tailored to specific situations.

Trailer jig. Bass love this lure. Ideal for fishing in weeds.

The addition of trailers, or soft lurescan reinforce their appeal by imitating their prey.

The technique involves lowering the jig to the bottom, then raising it quickly, imitating the movements of wounded prey.

Keep the line taut to feel the touches!

Image from: In-Fisherman.com

#5 - Creature lure (6 wins)

Creature lures, popular with bass anglers, imitate natural prey thanks to their supple bodies and appendages.

Bass caught by a decoy creature.

Photo by: wired2fish.com

These lures, from 4 to 6 inches, come in colors such as pumpkin green for clear water, or black and blue for murky waters.

They can be used in a variety of techniques. For flipping or pitching, combine them with suitable hooks and sinkers. For Carolina rigging, opt for a heavier sinker.

The resemblance to trailer jigs is noticeable, without the presence of the jig. Retrieval is similar to that of a jig.

Their imposing profile attracts large bass.


The Bassmaster Classic is more than just a bass fishing tournament. It's a showcase of skill, innovation and winning strategies in the world of sport fishing.

Over the years, this event has not only demonstrated the supremacy of certain lures, but also the importance of adapting to changing conditions and mastering various techniques.

Winning lures, such as the versatile diving crankbait, the classic Senko plastic worm, the vibrating spinnerbait, the dynamic trailer jig and the imposing creature lures, have proved their effectiveness in seducing and catching the most demanding bass.

Whether for fishing enthusiasts or competitive anglers, the Bassmaster Classic remains a must-attend event to discover advances in the world of bass fishing and to celebrate the fusion of competition, innovation and passion for this captivating sport.


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