8 Tips for catching big pike this autumn

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Autumn is the golden season for pike fishing enthusiasts.

Visit september and october (early autumn), pike are particularly active and aggressive, making this the ideal time to target them.

If you're looking to maximize your catch during this crucial period, look no further.

Our tips and tricks for pike fishing in autumn will help you successfully conquer the waters.

1. Locate transition zones for optimal fishing

Mastering fall pike fishing requires an understanding of behavioral changes.

As temperatures fall, pike migrate to deeper water.

Don't underestimate shallow areas, as the transition zones between deep and shallow water are hot spots.

Look for breaks, submerged structures and rocky areas where pike like to lurk.

2. Optimize your fishing on cloudy days

For exceptional success in autumn pike fishing, bet on cloudy days.

Dimmed light due to cloud cover encourages pike to leave their hiding places in search of food.

Cloudy weather on a river. Perfect for catching big pike in autumn. Pike come out of their hiding places to find food.

Plan your fishing trips when the sky is overcast to significantly increase your chances of making a memorable catch.

3. Monitor water temperature for strategic advantage

Keep a watchful eye on water temperature for successful autumn pike fishing.

Temperature variations have a major influence on fish behavior. When the mercury drops, pike gather in warmer areas.

Use a thermometer or your sonar to sound the waters and locate the best fishing spots.

Pike actively seek out waters offering a good ideal temperature 66.2° to 68.9°F. Find these areas and increase your chances of catching big pike this autumn.

4. Opt for large crankbaits for large pike.

When you aim for the pike trophies, choose the right size crankbaits. Take the Shallow Invader, a remarkable lure made by Musky Innovations.

Autumn pike fishing lure. Shallow invader in Firetiger color.

With a unique design combining hard plastic and soft plastic tail, it produces irresistible action that pike won't be able to ignore.

Crankbaits work particularly well, cast over the vast weedbeds, attracting the large pike that lurk beneath.

5. Choose your colors with care

Choose your lure colors wisely. Visit natural shades such as Firetiger tiger or bright shad patterns can be excellent choices, especially in clear water.

The aim is to make the pike think they are attacking potential prey.

Experiment with different shades to discover which work best with pike in your area.

6. Equip for battle

When hunting these aquatic predators, having the right equipment is essential. Invest in a sturdy rod and reel designed for tough action.

A muskie rod from the St. Croix series with medium to high power is a wise choice.

Pair it with a reel like the Shimano SLX DC 150 7.2:1, and you'll be able to handle your crankbaits effectively and master those aggressive attacks without having to break your arm reeling in your lures.

7. Explore seagrass beds in depth

Pikes like to lurk near deep seagrass beds in autumn.

Use your sonar to locate these underwater structures.

Position your boat over them and launch your crankbaits repeatedly over the crests and edges of these mounds.

This repetitive action could well titillate the pike's predatory instincts and trigger some exciting fights.

8. Choose sturdy leaders

Pikes are famous for their sharp teeth, which means you'll need sturdy steel or fluorocarbon leaders to avoid having your line cut.

When using fluorocarbon leaders for pike fishing, it is recommended to use a leader of 60 to 80 lbs (books).

While it may sound big, it's important to note that fluorocarbon is virtually invisible underwater, regardless of diameter. So opting for a slightly thicker material is a wise decision.

Fluorocarbon leader for pike. Avoids having your line cut during a pike attack.

Time for your lure to work properly.

Choose a strong leader that won't interfere with your lure's action while ensuring you don't lose your precious catch.

Enjoy the pike-muskie combo

Don't forget that when you're fishing for pike, you may well find yourself up against muskellunge.

So savour this double experience and make the most of each world. Get ready for big specimens!

Muskellunge and pike are similar in many ways. Learn how to tell them apart easily with our guide to the differences between muskellunge and pike.

Armed with the right tactics and equipment, you'll be ready to catch the powerful, combative pike that prowl the waters in autumn.

Autumn pike fishing in Quebec is an opportunity you don't want to miss.


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