6 steps to catch pike easily this summer!

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Summer is the ideal season to embark on the adventure of pike fishing. However, this activity requires a few essential tips to increase your chances of success.

Pike fishing is not that complicated due to the aggressive nature of this fish. fish species.

But if you're just starting out, or if your fishing isn't going well this summer, the following tips and tricks will certainly help.

1. Target areas with abundant vegetation

The pike skilfully weaves its way through the water, choosing a variety of habitats to conceal itself and hunt its prey.

On the surface, it can be found in clumps of emergent grasses such as cattails, bulrushes and water lilies.

Typical pike habitat in water lilies

In deeper waters, it hides among submerged grasses such as pondweed and milfoil.

Curly pondweed, pike habitat
Potamot Crépu Vegetation loved by pikes

Image from: http://monerbier.canalblog.com/

Its adaptable behavior and preference for various aquatic plants make it a formidable hunter.

2. Prepare for Vegetation Interference

Aquatic weeds can cause problems when pike fishing in summer.

Avoid getting stuck by using lures or weedless hooks to minimize vegetation interference.

It's much less frustrating to fish for pike in the weeds with anti-weed lures.

3. Adapt your lures to fishing conditions

Fishing conditions can vary considerably, and it's essential to adjust your lures accordingly.

Experiment with different types of lures, such as soft lures, spoons, jigsDrunk Baits, or spinnerbaits in colors such as orange, black, chartreuse, white and green.

Chartreuse-coloured spinnerbait. Versatile lure loved by pike in summer.

A universal lure that generally has good success with pike in summer is the spinnerbait. If you have to bring only one lure, go for the spinnerbait!

4. Freeing a decoy caught in the grass

If your lure gets stuck in a stem of vegetation, give your rod a sharp tug to try to free it.

Occasionally, this gesture can provoke a pike attack. Pikes react aggressively to these jerky movements and rapid changes of direction.

5. Imitate the Unpredictable Movements of the Prey

Pike are very aggressive predators.

To attract them, imitate the unpredictable movements of their prey.

Play with the speed and direction of your bait to arouse their interest. By varying your retrieve rate, you'll increase your chances of triggering an attack.

Go very fast, then stop. Bring it back quietly, then jerk left or right. Erratic movements can trigger attacks.

6. Keep your bait about 15 to 25 centimetres below the surface.

White spinnerbait below the water surface to attract pike in summer.

Image from: duluthnewstribune

Pike tend to attack from below.

For best placement of your bait, keep it about 15 to 25 centimetres below the water surface (surface fishing). This will make it easier for pike to spot it.

Handle pikes with care

When you pick up a pike, slide your hand into its gills while bending your fingers to keep it secure.

Once you've photographed or admired it, gently release it into the water.

Handle pikes delicately in warm weather

When water temperatures fluctuate between 78 and 82 degrees, handle pike with care to avoid further stress.

Pike are more vulnerable in warm water, so it's crucial to release them carefully after catching them.

If he's in bad shapeIf you're holding a pike, move it back and forth by the tail. This helps oxygenate the fish and can make the difference between life and death.


Summer pike fishing can be a thrilling experience for beginners and experienced anglers alike.

By following these practical tips, you'll improve your chances of success on your next summer pike fishing adventure.

Share your summer pike tips in the comments!

Happy fishing!


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