Walleye fishing technique: Snap Jigging in summer

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Walleye are sought-after fish for their athletic fight and delicious flesh.

The summer season offers exciting opportunities to fish for them, as they migrate to deeper structures such as the main lake troughs and deeper point extensions.

Let's explore the "snap jigging" fishing technique to catch walleye during the summer.

This technique requires the use of a boat.

The "Snap Jigging" technique: An effective way to catch walleyes in summer

Snap jigging is a fishing technique that involves using specific lures, such as the Acme Hyper Rattle, to target walleye during the summer.

Acme Hyper Rattle lure for walleye with snap jigging technique.

This method is highly effective in attracting golden yellow hungry, neutral or not very active.

It consists of dropping the lure vertically when you spot fish on your sounder, then giving quick scion strokes on a slack line.

The lure's rapid, erratic movement triggers aggressive walleye attacks.

Equipment needed for summer walleye fishing

To succeed with this dynamic fishing technique, you need the right equipment:

1. Fishing rod

Opt for a medium-sized or light rod with plenty of flexibility in the tip and strength in the tail. A 7' 3" rod with fast or light action is ideal for snap jigging.

2. Fishing line

Use 10-pound braided line for better sensitivity and quicker hook-ups. The braid will allow you to feel the slightest touch of the walleye, which is essential for this technique.

3. Bottom of line

To avoid stalling on vigorous casting, use a 12 to 15 lb fluorocarbon leader. Fluorocarbon offers excellent abrasion resistance and is virtually invisible in water.

Choosing the right lure to attract walleye

The choice of lure is essential to attract walleyes during the summer. The Acme Hyper Rattle is particularly effective thanks to its fast descent and erratic movement. This lure is available in various sizes, but opt for the larger one for maximum coverage in deep water.

1. Lure colors

Bright colors are recommended in tinted waters, while perch- or clown-like patterns work well in clear waters.

2. Snap Jigging

For successful snap jigging, here's how to animate the lure:

  • Drop the lure vertically when you spot fish on your sounder.
  • Use fast tip strokes on a slack line to create a fast, erratic movement.
  • When you feel the weight of the fish, strike quickly to hook the walleye.

The throw-capture technique

In addition to vertical fishing, you can also use the cast-and-capture technique to catch walleye in summer. Here are some tips for this approach:

1. Precise throwing

Don't cast too far, preferring short, precise casts to target the fish spotted on your fishfinder.

2. Decoy animation

When you retrieve your lure, use the same "snap jigging" technique, giving quick scion strokes and letting the lure drop to a slack line.

Conservation and respect for the environment

It is essential to comply with legal catch and size limits to protect the walleye population. Also practice responsible catch-and-release to ensure the survival of released fish.


The summer season offers an excellent opportunity to fish for walleye using the "snap jigging" technique. By using the right equipment, choosing the right lures and mastering the fishing technique, you'll increase your chances of success!


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