Bottom walkers for walleye fishing: Practical tips

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Today, we're going to discuss a few essential aspects of walleye fishing. We'll review the important points to remember when fishing with a bottom walker, jig and swimfish.

A walleye attacks a bottom walker assembly mounted with a anti-weed spoon silver.

Fishing with a cross-country walker

Attachment angle

One of the crucial aspects when fishing with a bottom walker is the angle of your line in relation to your boat.

It is essential never to leave your cross-country walker more than 45 degrees behind the boat.

45-degree angle for a bottom walker when fishing for walleye.

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Because if your long-distance walker is too far behind, he'll cling to everything and become useless.

Harness with float, for bottom walkers when fishing for walleye.

Choosing a harness

When choosing a harness for your long-distance walker, we recommend selecting a model with a float.


If you slow down the boat's speed and don't have a float, your harness may snag on the bottom, reducing its effectiveness.

Jig fishing

Line voltage

When you jig fishingIt's crucial to always maintain tension on your line, especially when it's going down.

In fact, 80% hits occur as the lure descends.

A rod with an extra-fine tip, combined with a braided line, will help you feel the bites better and make better strikes.

Swimming fish

Choice of lure

When selecting your swimfish, be sure to choose a lure that dives deeper than the depth at which you plan to fish.

For example, if you plan to fish at a depth of 8 feet, opt for a lure that can dive to 10-12 feet.

It's essential to bang your lure on the bottom from time to time, as walleye often hide on the bottom.

General advice

Fluocarbon leader for walleye fishing.

The fluorocarbon leader

When fishing for walleye, we recommend adding a fluorocarbon leader to your line.

Not only is this type of wire invisible, it is also abrasion-resistant. Walleye has good teeth, and a nylon filter has little resistance to abrasion.

A fluorocarbon leader will protect your line from abrasion and breakage.

The plain double knot

To join your main line to your fluorocarbon leader, tie a plain double knot, without adding a swivel between the two.

How to tie a plain double knot. Useful fishing tip for tying leaders. Technique used by many types of anglers, including walleye and pickerel anglers.

Why avoid the swivel?

Because it could damage the ceramic at the tip of your rod if it gets too close.

In short, whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, these tips and tricks will help you improve your fishing techniques. walleye fishing with a long-distance walker.

We wish you good fishing and don't hesitate to share your own tips in the comments below!


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